Visiting a Pen show

What to expect ?

First of all, it is a pen show, so fountain pens is “king”. Roughly 70% will be fountain pens.

But for us as Dutch Penshow it is an experience! There also will be pencils, ballpoints, stationery, inkt, paper, journals, leather products and much more!

For us, workshops are an important part of the show and you will find workshop(s) about calligraphy, ink and handlettering.

And if your fountain pen does not write like you want to, we have wonderful well known nib specialists in the house!

For whom?

For everybody who wants to be submerged in everything that has to do with writing. Yes, you can find fountain pens from € 10,00 to over € 10.000,00.

If you are new to the “world” do not be afraid to ask questions. All vendors have the same passion and will be glad to help you. Also all visitors will be happy to share the knowledge. Remember, we all started from zero!

What to bring & wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing will help you to get through the day. Although the venue has 560 m², you will find yourself walking around and around and …..around, there is so much to see!

If possible, do not bring a backpack, it is not so convenient for you and the other visitors. If you bring one, make it a small one and be aware of your surroundings!

A shoulder bag is the ideal. Fill it with a bottle of water, a little snack, something to write on, 1 or 2 fountain pens (one empty, to try ink) and maybe a small inkbottle to fill or to swap.

How to go about?

This is very personal. One will say “first walk around and “spot” the tables you want to come back to.” Others will say “be early, scan the tables and buy before your favourite pen is gone.” Personaly I like to first walk around and see what’s there, but…. That’s me. A tip is to be there early, it is not so crowded yet and you will see, time flies.

What I strongly suggest is to have a budget. Mark my word, you will always see a pen (or other articles) that is (are) more expensive than you were planning to buy, so stick with your budget , there will be more shows, more opportunities and know there always be pens which axceed your budget. Do not get frustrated about what you can not buy, enjoy what is in your range and what you can buy!

“Rules”, money and more ………

There are no specific rules other than common courtesy and manners. People who visit a pen show and the vendors are (almost) just as regular people.

But a few thing for the “newbies” If you see a pen (or other things) you’re interested in, ask the vendor if you can touch it, pick it up, feel it, please, don’t without asking! The vendor will be happy to help you!

Bring cash money. Although more and more vendors have the possibility to pay the electronic way, most of the deals are done in cash. There is an ATM in the neighborhood, but it is a 20 minute walk ( and another 20 back).

If you want to offer another price, make a suggestion, you can do so. It is quit normal at pen show to have a “little”discussion about the price, but always be polite. Polite not only in words, but also in your bidding.

You will need fuel for the day, that is, you have to eat. There is a very good café/restaurant at the venue, but can bring a little snack as well. We have a fountain pen café, tables where you can meet & eat. If you eat while strolling around, please do not eat while hanging over a € 1.000 pen (or any pen at any price range for that matter).

Do not leave to early. Some vendors have special prices at the end of the day and ….. We will have our lottery at the end of the day as well, your do not want to miss that!

Bottom line, enjoy, dive into this wonderful world of fountain pens and writing. If you have any questions, let us know, if we can, we will be happy to help you.

There will be volunteers all day. They will wear the black Dutch Penshow “crew” T-shirts. They will be happy to assist you in anyway.

See you at our Dutch Penshow,

Chaïm & Christa